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We are software engineers  which has more than 10 years of experience in developing and managing software projects for the world's largest companies in Germany, and set out with the aim of bringing the technology know-how from Germany to Turkey.

defia is a software company that has been producing software since 2013. We set out with the aim of bringing the experience and technological know-how we gained in Germany to our country. With the office we established in Istanbul, we continue to expand our team and develop our projects. We move forward with the goal of providing benefits to domestically sourced products and services in Turkey and developing solutions that improve existing systems.

We would like to share the technological know-how we have gained in Germany, especially with machine and device manufacturers. In this way we hope to help offer more competitive products on the European market. If you are looking for a competent partner in software development and web-based applications on desktop or embedded platform, choose defia!


Meet defia’s Superheroes

We are a team of experienced professionals as well as ambitious and hardworking individuals at the beginning of their careers. Our expertise spans across design, software development, and software architecture. In a nutshell, we have a blend of seasoned experts and enthusiastic talents ready to create exceptional digital solutions.

Çağla Karadağ, Sr. Software Developer

Efe Alço, Jr. Frontend Developer

H. Utku Çelik, Software Developer

Hilal Kesikci, Communication Manager& Designer

Kaanay Ebrem, Jr. Software Developer

Orhan Şentürk, Sr. Software Developer

Ozan Akdemir, Founder

Uğurcan Ertuğrul, Sr. Software Developer
Utku Acar,  Sr. Software Developer

WE ARE defia


We find tailor-made and the most outstanding solution for you.


It' always our pleasure to contribute to your business.


We thoroughly test our smooth and fast-running services and stay in touch with you.


We offer the latest technology and quality service to suit your needs.

Customer oriented

Each solution is developed specifically for you, your users and your needs.

Work Tracking

We manage our projects with the latest tools and methods.

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