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Let's shape the digital world together!

You are in the right place to start your business life. Apply now and be part of our team!

Start Your Business Life with defia!

Would you like to work with a creative, innovative and experienced team?

If you think that you are curious, open to development and have bright ideas, we are waiting for your applications!

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At defia, you will have the opportunity to develop yourself with an interdisciplinary approach. If you would like to be a part of the projects we are involved in and work with our experienced team, we will be happy to evaluate your applications.

We Value Young Talents...

At defia, we offer university students various opportunities to gain experience. While you continue your education, you can learn the basics of your dream job by gaining experience at defia. In this way, you will expand your professional network and you will have the chance to plan your career at defia after your education life.

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Take a step forward with defia!

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Feel good...

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Keep learning...

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International experience...

Increase your motivation by participating in post-work events.

Continue to invest in yourself by attending in-house training and presentations.

You can take advantage of the internship opportunity at our German business partner macio to improve your experience.

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Flexible working...

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Experienced people in the industry...

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Focused on development...

Working hours are determined according to the projects, so you can better balance your work and private life.

By working with experienced and expert people, you open new horizons for yourself.

It is important to achieve development and progress in all circumstances. At defia, you can always find support for yourself in any condition.

Open Positions

Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Cloud Engineer

Intern Software Engineer

Open Positions

Couldn't find a suitable job opportunities for you?

But do you think you can be a good teammate for us? You can make a general application for this. We will be happy to check if there is a suitable position for you.

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