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"FindAR" — Your Augmented Reality Solution for Seamless Device Assembly

Güncelleme tarihi: 20 Mar

Embark on a groundbreaking journey with "FindAR," an augmented reality showcase application tailored to visualize forthcoming inspection and repair scenarios within embedded device assemblies. Designed for tablet PCs, this application is a reliable companion in repair contexts, readily accessible whenever the need arises.

FindAR App

Advanced Capabilities: Equipped with unparalleled recognition capabilities, "FindAR" is adept at identifying scanned objects like circuit boards. It not only detects and highlights faulty components but also has the capacity to overlay X-ray images, spotlighting the precise areas of concern on the circuit board.

Unmatched Assistance: Beyond its core features, "FindAR" offers an array of supplementary tools. Informative pop-ups elucidate intricate work steps, error notifications linked to the workpiece provide real-time insights, and personalized tool recommendations streamline the repair process. Key Components:

  • A tablet with the latest "FindAR" version pre-installed.

  • A curated selection of circuit boards adorned with QR codes.

The Real-World Scenario: Picture an employee receiving a flawed circuit board, each defect meticulously pinpointed and highlighted. The "FindAR" app becomes their ally, allowing them to not only visualize these imperfections on the board but also seamlessly overlay the provided X-ray image for an impeccable perspective. An ergonomic workstation design facilitates hands-free examination via the tablet's interface. Navigating the workpiece over the tablet, the employee experiences an effortlessly integrated inspection process, where information, imagery, and precision converge. Experience "FindAR," your gateway to a new era of assembly insight.

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